Pro tip, Kurt Cobain did not say anything that users of this website claim he did.

Starting over, now is as good of a time as any.

I just deleted all 1,000+ posts in the history of my blog! I feel like I deleted the year 2011 from my life. But that’s okay because 2011 sucked. If you’re one of my few followers, I doubt I’ll be on here very often but if I am I think I’ll be posting mostly OC. It was honestly cringeworthy to see some of the things I had on here from years ago, reminds me of how I’m (hopefully) more intelligent now. I’ll probably be unfollowing lots of blogs because I need quality material on my dash, you know? And I followed a lot of shit blogs from those “F4F” junk posts that you do for self satisfaction and ego boosting. I’ll be back someday, maybe soon, maybe not soon. You probably don’t care but if you do, cheers!